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"I am a teacher and had the privilege of interacting with and helping Joshua finish his social studies so that he could graduate. Joshua was always concerned about understanding a concept or an answer as opposed to just knowing what the answer was. He really had a desire to understand what he was learning and this is a remarkable trait. He was never shy to ask a question or to ask for clarifications. He was also very good at helping me to correct items in the coursework that were wrong or misspelled. Joshua was also very kind and would always ask how I was doing and was always very thoughtful in listening to my answer. Joshua will be a student that I will never forget as he made my classroom a better place! Thank you for this website so that I could learn more about Joshua and know more of what an incredible person he is."


School Counselor

"I worked as a counselor where Josh was one of my favorite people. His spirit exuded love wherever he went and I am very proud of him for sticking to finishing school while he fought his internal battles. I am proud to know him and file him under the category of "Why I Continue Doing What I Do." His beautiful soul touched many and his life is not wasted but spent well.

I am sorry for your loss. I am confident he is continuing his journey and helping others on their way. He's a great kid."



"I have so many amazing memories of Josh. It is hard to narrow it down, but one fun memories is last Christmas. Josh loved Christmas and he would spend countless hours of thought and preparation for the gifts he would give out. He would get so excited when it was time for people to open their gifts just to see the expression on their face. Josh is one of the most loving, caring, generous, genuine, nice, and respectful person I ever known. I am blessed to be able to call him my nephew. Josh is one of my best friends... I love and miss him dearly."


English Teacher

"Hey Joshua, I just came across your story as I was browsing your Dad's website ( for content I could use in my ESL class this week. As always, I found something. The topic "Suicide and Depression" will go well with our theme which is "Mental Awareness Week," but then I was shocked and filled with emotion as I learned about the true story behind your awesome Dad creating this lesson. You continue to help people from heaven, even through an ESL class! I knew you had a special soul as soon as I saw the picture of you holding the baby bird. Thank you for your inspiration, Joshua. May your family take comfort in their beautiful memories of you."


English Teacher

"Dear Randall and family. I just learned about your son and his death. I've been using your Web site ( for a long time, since I'm an English teacher, and I find it very useful for my classes. I also give it to my students so that they can practice at home. It came as a shock when today I did the first listening activity on your Web site, and I heard Joshua's voice and then, all of a sudden, I saw the picture of him and the words "In loving memory." I felt so bad! I'm really sorry you had you go through such sad times and I also felt really bad when reading about his life and the way he felt sometimes. I'm sure he's taking care of you all now, though. The pain might be milder now, but I'm almost sure it will always be there. And be sure every time I come across a ladybug, I will think of him."



"My fondest memories of Josh don't surround his passing, but rather the profoundness of his life. I certainly embrace and accept all the struggle that was a part of his being, but I also don't let that be the definition of his life either. I simply long to show a greater depth of compassion in any small way, for that is the defining richness of what it means to be human.

Thanks, Josh.

Your grateful and loving father."